All clothing we sell, whether it is for adults, babies or children, is GOTS certified - this means it meets Global Organic Textile Standards which include:

  • Workers at every step of the supply chain, from cotton growers to machinists and everyone in between, do so under safe working conditions, free from exploitation and paid fairly
  • There is no discrimination, and no child or forced labour
  • Cotton is grown free from pesticides, in a way that doesn't damage soil or pollute water courses
  • Chemicals that have the potential to cause health problems in workers are omitted; clothing is free from a number of finishing products and dyes that may be harmful. As an added benefit, this reduces potential allergens and makes organic clothing a great choice for allergy sufferers or sensitive skin.
  • Factories have targets relating to use of recycled packaging and ensure that their activities do not pollute the surrounding area
  • Strict quality standards ensure that shrinking is minimal and that clothing is strong and made to last

You can read more about the GOTS standard here - it offers incredible protection for workers, our planet and consumers.

GOTS standard organic clothing