Our Small Eco Pennies allow us to reward our loyal customers with real money off their future orders.

Much like a supermarket store card, you earn 4 Small Eco Pennies for every £1 that you spend at Small Eco Steps. Each penny is worth 1p - your balance can be redeemed for any amount between £1 and £300 off your order, so you can use the points in small increments, or save them to use towards a bigger purchase, birthday or Christmas.

Simply create an account and you will automatically earn 200 Pennies. You can also earn Pennies for liking us on Facebook or following us on Instagram or Twitter. If you want to save up for a big purchase, you can even buy Small Eco Pennies as a one off purchase or as part of our Small Eco Savers scheme.

Make your Money go further with Small Eco Savers

Put away a fixed sum every month towards birthdays, Christmas or your next season's wardrobe as a Small Eco Saver, and in addition to the knowledge you have a growing pot, you will also receive the following benefits:

  • Get a bonus top op on your monthly amount of up to 10%
  • Earn 5 Small Eco Pennies for every £1 spent (whatever payment method you use)
  • You can use your balance to pay for anything you want  immediately, and can check your balance at any time
  • Get an extra 5% off all sale products
  • Exclusive access to seasonal sales 24 hours before they are released more widely, giving you the best chance to get that bargain item before it goes

Set up your monthly Small Eco Saver today

Small Eco Savers

When you log into your account, you can view your past orders and your Small Eco Pennies balance, as well as the items in your wishlist.

To use your pennies, just log in and from the top menu (you will see your name at the top of this", select "My Rewards". Click on the amount of pennies you'd like to trade in and the discounted amount  will be applied to your next order automatically.