From Monday 29th March, Small Eco Steps are running a virtual Easter hunt, with a top prize of £30 in EcoPennies!

Chicks and eggs will be hidden amongst products on our website, as will posts on our Facebook group "Small Eco Families" (Click here to join!)


Some may be easy to spot, others will be trickier, but you will be able to find one of these two images in each location  


Keep the locations of the chicks and eggs to yourself until Easter Monday (5th) at 9am when you will be able to submit your answers via our special link that will appear HERE  (it isn't there yet...).

There are a few ways you can win:

  1.  The names of all correct entrants (who identify all the locations) will be popped in a hat (perhaps even an Easter bonnet), and the winner chosen at random.
  2. The names of all entrants (every entry received) will be popped in said bonnet and three winners picked from this to each win £5 in EcoPennies
  3. Tell your friends about the competition! We'll ask all entrants if they were referred by anyone - every person who mentions you will count as an entry for you to win £5 in EcoPennies

Want more entries? Share the quiz to your Facebook page and/or post about it on instagram with #smallecosteps #easteregghunt  (must be a public post or we won't be able to see it!) and your name will go in an extra time (maximum one per platform no matter how many shares...)

Ready to go? The images on our website are live NOW - have fun!

(Psst - There is a list of emoji hints on our Facebook page here as well...)

Happy Easter Everyone!

Terms and conditions apply - please see our general competition T&Cs here, and get in touch if you have any questions