Duns of Sweden use European sizing, which can be confusing for those who are used to the Uk manufacturers' estimations of size based on approximate age. European sizing is based on the height of the child in cm, and actually makes a lot of sense!

To make it easier for people to convert between the two, below is a table that describes the approximate size a child of each age would be expected to wear.  This information is taken from DUNS of Sweden directly here - we cannot take responsibility for the accuracy of this. Please do measure your child**.

Our friendly Facebook group is full of customers who have experience with DUNS sizing and is a great place to ask for advice.

 Baby sizing
 Age Equivalent Size (in Cm)
Newborn 50
1-2 months 56
2-4 months 62
4-6 months  68
6-9 months 74
9-12 months 80
12-18 months 86
18-24 months 92
 Age Equivalent Size (in Cm)
2-3 years 98
3-4 years 104
4-5 years 110
5-6 years 116
6-7 years 122
7-8 years 128
8-9 years 134
9-10 years 140
10-11 years 146
11-12 years 152
12-13 years 158
13 -14 years 164
 Uk Size Equivalent Duns
34 XS - Extra Small
36 S - Small
38-40 M - Medium
42-44 L - Large
46-48 XL - Extra Large


***Please do measure your child though - while we accept returns for any reason within 30days, the cost of return postage is payable by the customer unless there is a fault with the item or it arrives damaged.