As part of different promotions, we give out discount codes. Sometimes these relate to a specific product, group of products or brand, whilst at other times they may be a broader discount.

There are some products that are excluded from discount codes, these are:

  • Mystery boxes: these are already very discounted and represent incredible value to the buyer. Applying a discount to these would make them no longer viable to continue, and they are very loved by customers so we want to carry on with them!
  • Newly released clothing: We are not permitted to offer any form of discount on the new seasons of clothing at the start of the season, or where items have just been released.
  • Gift cards: Gift cards themselves can be used alongside a discount code, so we can't allow them to be purchased with a discount.
  • Where a free gift has been selected: we often run offers where a free gift can be added to the cart and a code entered to make this item free. As only one code can be used for each transaction, no further discounts can be applied
  • "Subscribe and save" options, such as our quarterly magazine
  • EcoPennies redemption: When you redeem EcoPennies to use as money off a transaction, they are converted into a discount code which is automatically applied. The system does not permit multiple codes to be entered, so no further codes can be used

We apologise for any frustration encountered in trying to use discount codes for these products; we know it is disappointing when you find that a code can't be used for the product you want to buy. If you think there has been an error, please contact us and we will do all we can to help.


Discount Code Sharing/Abuse

Please note that there are codes that are created for specific people or situations, (eg for brand representatives, people who have twins/multiples, members of different community groups, as a goodwill gesture following an issue, for staff to use when adjusting stock). Automated code scraping/web searching bots sometimes find codes that were never for general release, or codes that have been shared without our consent or which carry usage criteria.

Possession/use of a functional code does not oblige us to provide the products at the discounted/free price. Whether a code has been used dishonestly, in bad faith or by a customer who was unaware that it was not for general use, we will offer the option of paying the difference between the correct amount and that paid, or of cancelling the order.