What makes our organic Childrens' Clothes so special?

At Small Eco Steps we stock a wide range of clothing for babies and children from eco brands Kite and Toby Tiger. Both of these work incredibly hard to ensure that their organic kids' clothing lines are produced in a way that is kind to both the planet and their workers.

All clothing we stock is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified, and we make sure to mention that lots as it's a fantastic standard to hold.


But what does it mean?

The GOTS standard is a mark of ecological and social responsibility and isn't easily obtained. There are strict ecological and social criteria that apply to the entire textile supply chain. A basic breakdown is as follows:

Fibre Production

-Organic certification of fibres to recodnised international standards

- Garments with the label must contain minimum of 95% certified organic fibres


Processing and Manufacturing

- Environmental criteria relating to the prohibition of toxic and non biodegradable chemical inputs.dyes, restrictions on the accessories (eg no nickel or chrome), packing material that is pvc free. Paper/cardboard tags are recycled or FSC certified

- Technical Quality/Human Toxicity: Clothing must be durable and free of unwanted resudues

-Social Criteria including no forced labour, freedom of workers to organise themselves, safe and hygenic working conditions, no child labour or discrimination, moderate and regular working hours (including breaks and rest) and prohibition of harsh or inhumane treatment.


To summarise - the GOTS standard means that you can be sure your clothes will be made in a way that's fair to workers, avoids environmental damage and harsh chemical use and results in products that are high quality. You can read all about the standard here.

It's a little depressing that these (in many ways, fairly basic!) things are something to shout about as something special, but the GOTS standard isn't widely seen in the world of children's clothing. We are proud that we only stock clothing that bears this mark.

Our suppliers don't call it a day once they reach this standard though - they go above and beyond. You can read more by clicking Kite and Toby Tiger respectively, or explore our range of clothing today and discover for yourself what makes our range of organic baby clothes and childrens clothing so special



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