Small Eco Steps

Why Small Eco Steps? Why not BIG Eco Steps? Why even steps, not a running jump? Why are we wasting time writing blogs discussing word usage when there is a GLOBAL CRISIS? Several global crises come to think of it.

The argument for humanity to take a good look at our actions and make an enormous change, right this moment, is strong. It doesnt take much perusal of global media to conclude that there is trouble afoot and drastic changes are needed. Ideally by everyone. Changing to car sharing, public transport, biking or walking. Changing to reusable. Changing to local, sustainable, biodegradable (or compostable). Changing to plastic free, secondhand, refillable or just buy less. These changes are not something we can avoid or hide from indefinitely, so why are we advocating small steps?

Because it's hard. It shouldn't be; when you consider the future of humanity (and all life as we know it) is at stake, it can feel silly or shameful to admit it but yes, changing the way you do practically everything is a huge thing. In and of themselves, all the changes are simple but they take time, energy and often a bit of research - the changes we need to make have to fit wit our lives or they won't work long term. They need to be made at the right time, or life will get in the way and we will fall back into old habits. With any changes in lifestyle, small steps are more sustainable than huge leaps. We are here to help in taking those steps, making the changes that are right for you and to keep nudging in the right direction.

The human brain is not wired to make huge life changes on a whim - we are creatures of habit. Making lots of changes at once is overwhelming and we find it stressful, then we give up. The planet really can't afford for us to give up.

Taking smaller steps does work. If you make a small change and focus on it until it's part of your routine, it sticks. It may not be very exciting, it may not feel like the Big Change Now that the world needs, and it requires both patience and long term commitment. But lots of people supported to make a small step or two leads to a lot of overall change for the good.

Take our Eco Party Hire Kit; a 24 person kit hired out every weekend over a year would take the place of 3900 pieces of rubbish. Even if the only change one family makes is to hire it for one party, that's 75 fewer non-recyclable plates/cups/bowls in the bin. And it was easy, very affordable and there was still no washing up. Nobody complained, and that family may well never go back to disposable again. The impact of that over their lives is huge.

That's what we at Small Eco Steps are about - the big picture and making things easy, so that people keep making changes for a better world. Every one of us is on a journey, all at different stages, but there is likely to be something all of us can work on today. So have a browse, sign up to our newsletter or (if you're feeling really motivated!) go and have a look in your bin to see what could have been replaced, and take your next small eco step.

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