Making a Seasonal Display - Autumn

Helping your child feel a part of the changing seasons is a wonderful way to help them feel a part of the natural world, and promote a nurturing attitude towards our planet. Seasonal Displays provide a fun and interactive way to bring part of the outdoors into the home, providing a great starting point for discussions, art and stories.

The point isn't to create something spectacular, or to buy the most expensive items for an "Instagrammable" display, but to engage your child and make it fun.  Here are our top tips for creating a display.

Seasonal display autumn leaf crafts

1) Have a central piece, such as a tree, that you can decorate

We have this tree, which is just £15 and has already gone through several years, with many many more ahead. We decorate it for every season, add in Christmas decorations in December and use it as an Easter Branch in the Springtime. It's incredibly versatile. You could just as easily use a branch, or look into making your own tree shape from willow.

For Autumn, we usually hang leaf salt dough ornaments, but this year we were given this beautiful hand made Autumn bunting by a neighbour, which I think gives a charming look to the tree.

2) Find Seasonal Figures

Gonks Carla

What does Autumn mean to you? When the time comes around to change the display,  go and have a look in the children's toybox to see which figures and teddies feel Autumnal to me. They don't need to match - we have some Lanka Kade woodland creatures from our Gruffalo story sack, some cuddly toys and this beautiful pair of Hallowe'en figures made by a good friend of ours, Carla, who custom makes them to order.

3) Add Natural Elements

Part of our display always includes a wooden tray, and we go out to find some natural bits and pieces such as acorns, leaves and pine cones. Top tip - watch out for bugs, you don't want that much nature in your living room...

4) Display Your Crafts

We have been busy for the past few weeks making Autumn leaf crafts, and our table is the perfect place to put them on view. As time goes on, the area gets busier and busier, and the children love seeing their art being cherished.

 Leaf crafts

5) Make it Yours

The table is ultimately whatever you want it to be - sometimes we have a book on a bookstand as part of it, sometimes we include a chalkboard with words or magnets on it. If we have scarves or materials that fit with the theme, we pop those in too. Birthdays and festivals can be marked on the display, or even holidays. Just get stuck in and add as time goes on - you'll work out over time what works, what your children enjoy and what inspires you as a family.

We would love to see your displays - add them in the comments!

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