#EndangeredSpeciesDay 2020

Today is Endangered Species Day, and #endangeredspeciesday is trending once again as we consider what this means for so many of the animal species we love.

It's frightening how many of the most iconic species featured in our clothing designs and other products are endangered.

- Hawksbill Turtles are critically endangered; Green and Sea Turtles are Endangered

- 41 different species' of Parrot are Endangered; this represents half of all parrot species. A quarter of them are critically endangered

- The Blue Whale is Endangered, with just 10-25,000 left in the wild

- The numbers of Masai Giraffe have halved in the past 30 years, to just 35,000 in the wild.

I could go on, but I would be unlikely to finish writing this before next year!

As a species, we need to examine our relationship with the other inhabitants of this world. We love to watch them, we love to have their images on our clothing and accessories, yet we are actively destroying their ability to survive. In many cases, the very products that are adorned with cartoon pictures of these animals contribute to the destruction and pollution of the environments where they (attempt to) live.

On Endangered Species Day (15th May, 2020) Small Eco Steps will give £1 to the World Wildlife Fnd for every item sold from our collection of items that feature enangered species (depressingly, it's pretty much all of the items that feature any animal at all!)

But our commitment to these creatures does not begin and end on a hashtag holiday - these beautiful clothes are made from GOTS certified cotton. Amongst other gurantees, the dyes and other chemicals used in their production are safe and don't pollute the areas where they are made. Rather than contributing to the plastic problem, our dog toys are made from recycled plastic.

The biggest thing you can do to help endangered animals is to be conscious in your choices, to try not to support companies that engage in harmful practices and instead look for alternatives. It's not always easy, but every step we can take helps.

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