Autumn Leaf Activities

The dramatic change from Summer to Autumn entrances young children, so much so that the chill in the air and loss of such sunny days is barely noticed.

Many of us remember with nostalgia the excitement at seeing falling leaves, jumping in them and taking favourites home, and decades on it is wonderful to watch our children enjoy the same.

We have put together some of our favourite leaf activities for Autumn days which you can undertake using things you're likely to already have at home.

Autumn Colour Inspired Free Painting

As simple as it sounds, gather up leaves and bring them in. Spend some time looking at them, talking about them and then crack out the paint. 

 Autumn leaf crafts

 Eira loved this - lots of mess, lots of fun. With a little help from her Mum, she made some lovely pictures and prints for the family.

Leaf painting stamp toddler


Autumn Bunting

 You can use real leaves, make your own leaves from paper or card, or perhaps even craft leaves. Thread onto a piece of string or wool, and hang in the window. Fast and fun :)

 autumn bunting leaf craft

Happy Leaf People

Our favourite thing to do with leaves is make them into happy figures - we like using things we find in our local park such as twigs, berries and acorns, but you can use whatever you want - raid the craft box!

Here is one of our happy creations, made just from things we found in the craft box and a bit of PVA glue.

 October leaf craft


Autumn Hedgehogs & Butterflies

Autumn animals - hedgehogs and butterflies are east to make using leaves and coloured paper, but why not see what else you can come up with?

Hedgehog leaf craft

A very easy one for toddlers to help with - just cut out the bodies and let them stick on leaves with PVA glue. We used some old "crafting leaves" we were given, but they turned out just as good as real leaves!

 Toddler autumn butterfly leaf craft hedgehog

 If you have more ideas to share, why not tell us in the comments?

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